Amar Persaud
2603 Alfred Cresent, Regina, SK, S4V-1E6
Home Phone: (306)789-2752

Career Objective:____________________________________________

To further my knowledge in computers along with being able to accurately apply my computer skills I have right now to solve problems and to create and install new software and programs .

Qualifications & Skills:______________________________________

  • Able to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Windows and Email

  • Knowledge of Computer and software

  • Able to work on more than one thing at a time

  • Able to take on a leadership role

  • Good with computers

  • Good people skills

  • Wpm (Words Per Minute) 45

Education:_________________________________________________                                                                                Campbell colligate, Regina, Saskatchewan

  • Business and Social Technology 20

  •  IB Math

  • IB English

  • IB French

  • Computer science 30

Personal Experience:________________________________________
Daycare, Regina, Saskatchewan                                                                           Worker

  • Help kids make arts and crafts

  • Clean up after kids

  • Cook for them at luch

  • Put them to bed

  • Play with them

Basketball, Regina, Saskatchewan                                                                                                                                              Referee and manager

  • Work the shot clock

  • Keep track of score

  • Call fouls

  • Call plays

  • Help make decisions for the best of the team

  • Help setup plays

Babysitter, Regina, Saskatchewan                                                                                                                 Self-Employed

  • Look after child

  • Put them to bed

  • Clean up the house

  • Teach them right from wrong

  • Make sure that everything is done before parents get home

7-11, Regina, Saskatchewan                                                                                                                            Worker, volunteer

  • Price inventory

  • Stock shelves

  • Stock cooler

  • Stock freezer

  • Clean store

Cashier & Customer Service attendant, Regina, Saskatchewan                                                            Worker, employed

  • Cashier
  • Help customers with returns and refunds at customer service
  • Run self checkouts
  • stock shelves with items left behind

Amar Persaud

2603 alfred cresent Regina Saskatchewan (306) 512-8154



Vishal Persaud

Family Member

(306) 205-5336

Avinash Persaud

Family Member

(306) 596-7212

Vevek Persaud

Boss / Manager of 7-11

(306) 789-2752



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