About Me

I am a grade 11 student at Campbell Collegiate enrolled in the information processing 20 class. Through many years of business I have learned many techniques that can further enhance my professional career. Through all the knowledge of business I was able to land my first job. I have also been in extra circular business activities that have enabled me to mange an event. I was able to design the layout of a business event which enabled me to be able to experience the real trauma of a real event planner. I was also able to feel the pressure before the last 2 hours of the event began. Through the many business classes I have taken I was able to meet many interesting business people that have inspired me to pursue a career in business. For example I was able to meet the makers of 10 tree before they went on to dragon’s den and made their first endorsement deal.

I also work at superstore and have been working there for almost half a year. This has given me an opportunity to learn a lot about people skills and how to interact with others. It has also given me the opportunity to learn about time management and responsibility. I have learned to be responsible for my actions and to consider how the other person feels.



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