Month: May 2014

Board Meeting Collaberation



Recently we were given the task to demonstrate to the English 30 A class how a board meeting is ran. According to a board meeting is a formal meeting of the board of directors of an organization, held usually at definite intervals to consider policy issues and major problems. We as a class had to create and run an official board meeting. We had come with a fictional company named Louis Valanche. Louis Valanche is a luxurious chocolate that appeals to the upper class of people. It is mostly for those aged anywhere from 25-50 years old. It is made with the finest Coco imported from Brasil and is wrapped in gold. We first had to come up with individual roles for each member in our class. After we finished that we then came up with the history of the company and created a board meeting to discuss the future of the company. I had the pleasure of  being the deputy president along with the secretary. My role was to write down everything that was discussed and motions that were carried or defeated. The secretary of a board meeting has a very important role, they must write down everything that has been discussed because if anyone wants to know what has been said they go back specifically to the secretary for the information. Overall this experience was very educational.  As a class we were able to demonstrate our mastery at board meeting but were also able to learn about things we hadn’t known before.