Business In Saskatchewan

sakpower logoSaskatchewan has approximately 1,117,503 people as of January 1,2014. We consume a lot of resources every year. According to the government of Saskatchewan 95% of resources produced in Saskatchewan come directly   from our resources (grains, livestock, oil and gas, potash, uranium and wood).  Saskatchewan has many achievements that we can be proud of. For example,  Saskatchewan’s mining history includes: the first oil well, drilled at Fort Pelly in 1874; the first producing gas well, drilled at Belle Plaine in 1883; the earliest recorded clay production in 1886; the first significant gold discovery, made in 1913 at Amisk Lake-the staking rush that followed led to the discovery in 1915 of massive copper/zinc deposits straddling the border in the Flin Flon area, which are still being mined; the first attempts to recover sodium sulphate, made at Muskiki Lake in 1918; the first salt produced, near Senlac in 1920; a nickel, platinum, palladium deposit, discovered at Rottenstone Lake in 1928; gold and also pitchblende (uranium mineralization), discovered on the north shore of Lake Athabasca and leading to the establishment of Goldfields in 1934; potash, discovered in an oil and gaswell near. These achievements would make sense since we are a province that has a lot of jobs around mining and agriculture.

sask-damSaskatchewan consumes a lot of power every year. Just last year we set a record for the amount of electricity we used. We consumed around 3,543 megawatts in December 6th, 2013. This means that there is a huge demand for power and a lot of job opportunities for jobs involving electricity. Sask Power is owned by Robert Watson President and CEO of Sask Power. Sask Power serves more than 490,000 customers through more than 151,000 kilometers of power lines throughout the province and covers a service territory that includes Saskatchewan’s geographic area of approximately 651,000 km2 (251,000 sq mi). This relatively low customer density means that while most North American electrical utilities supply an average of 12 customers per circuit kilometer, Sask Power supplies about three. In fiscal year 2012, total electricity revenue was $1,736 million (Canadian) on sales of 19,957 gigawatt hours of electricity. They have many locations in Saskatchewan, but their main office or headquarters are here in Regina.

There are many job opportunities of at Sask Power. which include the following: Power Engineer (1st and 2nd class) ,  Power Engineer (1st and 2nd class) , Power Engineer (1st and 2nd class) , Specialist, Server Operations (Midrange) , Director, Enterprise Architecture , Senior Analyst, Contracts Management, Project Manager, Project Management, Technologist – Telecontrol – 2 Positions, Senior Analyst, Performance Measurement, SR Analyst, Fleet Services & Logistics Planning, Project – Utility Worker, AMI Meter Installer, Technologist – Engineering, Electrical – Temporary, Power Engineer – Process, Manager, Logistics Support and Manager. All of these were jobs that Sask Power posted on their website and update everyday letting the community know that there are job opportunities for you to take. They also have many different techniques they implement to advertise their company. For example they have their own website, they also have their own twitter, and finally they have their own Facebook.


After visiting Sask Power you would assume that they pride themselves in their customer service, and satisfaction. On their website they have many different links on what to do in certain situations, like if there was a blackout or lightning storm. They also have many other links on things you could potentially fix in your house yourself without having to call them to your house to do it for you. Most companies have terrible customer services ( phone based ) but Sask Powers is very responsive and the people on the other side of the phone are very knowledgeable and are very efficient at resolving your issues. According to their annual report Sask Power prides themselves of safety, dedication, and respect, but they are also working on improving their customer service. Sask Power is a major contributor to our economy here in Saskatchewan. They have impressed many people with their services and advice on a range of different subjects. I am astonished by the amount of people that Sask Power tends for and really impressed by their activities to give back to the company. I believe that even though there are many other companies like Sask Power, Sask Tel and Sask Energy, Sask Power to me takes first place. This is for the simple reason that they have one of the greatest customer services. Their employee’s are willing to go out in the harsh weather of Saskatchewan and fix many things like Power lines, water lines and many more.



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