Month: February 2014

Finding Passion Through Basketball


I am really passionate about basketball, my favorite player is Kobe Bryant. He plays for the Lakers, however as of now he is injured at the moment and is sitting on the bench. He has suffered an torn ACL the game before the finals last year and the Lakers really missed him in the finals. A lot of people do not like Kobe because they think he is too much of a ” Ball Hog” but I think he is great because of all the experience he has had. He was able to play with the legends like Micheal Jordan and Dikembe Mutombo which provides him with a lot of basketball IQ and enables him to ” go clutch ” in the dying seconds of a game. If you were to ask people who would they rather take the last shot in a match Lebron or Kobe, most people would say Kobe even though they might not like him as much. Although Kobe is a really good basketball player many people may argue that there are many more players that are equally as good and even better than him in the present day. For example: Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and many more. Kobe is reaching the time in his life where he is getting older than most of the NBA ( National Basketball Association ) players, he is probably going to stick around for a couple more years but is looking into retirement due to that torn ACL he has suffered. He is probably going to be my favorite player of all time overtaking Micheal Jordan.

I also love playing basketball I probably play about 2-3 hours everyday in the summer as my house is close by a basketball court. I also play at the University of Regina on the weekends with my friends. Basketball is a great part of my life that I enjoy doing. I am currently in grade 11 and have played in RCBA ( Regina Community Basketball Association ) and was on the Campbell collegiate basketball team for one year. I  usually play the low post when I play basketball. But when I am playing for fun with friends I usually play point guard or shooting guard. Overall I enjoy everything about basketball whether that be playing or watching it.